grâce à toi dress is now Whitman Grace

grâce à toi dress is now Whitman Grace

February 19, 2018

For those of you following along at home...after much consideration and a bevy of lovingly given advice, I've committed my dream dress company to a new name. We are now Whitman Grace because it's easy to say/read/remember, it encompasses our core values, and the elegant joy that I loved so much about saying the phrase "grâce à toi dress" still permeates our new name: Whitman Grace. 

Walt Whitman loved humanity so much that he willingly devoted his life to being of service to his fellow man. He believed in America even in the midst of the painful Civil War that turned brother against brother and sister against sister. That personal truth for Whitman, that love wins--we at Whitman Grace certainly believe in that.

These dresses are about making space and room for love in our lives. Making space with the most simplest of actions: loving our bodies by adorning them in clothing that makes us look and feel good--we don't have to trade one for the other anymore. 

Walt Whitman lived hand to mouth most of his life. He worked as a clerk for the United States Attorney General's Office by day and participated in Literary Salons and Poetry Readings at night. He lived the life that he wanted in the way that he wanted.

It feels right to match gratitude, ie Grace, with Whitman's unwavering faith in humanity--these Bodies Electric, as we happily introduce you to our new name: Whitman Grace. 

I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman

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