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Happy Solar Eclipse! Letting in the light. Loving bravely.

August 21, 2017


Witnessing the eclipse today made me feel so small. So taken care of by the universe. So loved. 

grace a toi dress, dressdressdress.com, custom dressThis made me think about how brave we are to come to perceive all that we encounter with love, care, nurturing. We could go through life squinting and filtering what we allow to love and to let love us. Or we can boldly witness the marvels of nature that are always happening around us. We can witness with wonder and positive curiosity every moment with the same reverence with which we took in today's eclipse. 

I've spent years receiving and letting love in and now I'm finally strong enough or emboldened enough to give love. It's a wonderful feeling to give love without feeling that you've given something away. A different feeling. I owe a huge part of this growth to these dresses I make. As a result of my willingness to share this passion for gratitude with the world, through these dresses, lo and behold: friends, connections, love, a new way of navigating the world have all reflected back to me. 

Happy Solstice Everyone! 


  Christine, and the team at grâce à toi dress


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