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This or Not That = Choiceless Living

January 24, 2018

"Yes, definitely this!"

"No, definitely not that!"

Take the adage: follow your heart. As Frances Scovel Shinn writes, " always takes the trick".

How do we step out of the way and live in this choiceless place where the heart rules? Listen to your gut. Seriously or even slightly disliking something = NO is just as powerful as having the YES. 

Years ago when I was between careers and had not yet realized that making my dream dress, my hobby, would become my business, my sister instructed me to look through LinkedIN jobs and listen to my gut for preference and aversion. That exercise brought me to a Certification Course on Coursera, which helped me realize that one of the strong "yes" careers I had in mind, was a perfect "no", BUT the work I did in that course directly contributed to the Business Plan for grâce à toi dress--oh geez it all came together! 

Follow the heart-yes and the heart-no. Let your heart lead through choicelessness! I followed mine and now I get to make dresses for those who love looking dressed up and feeling dressed down; dresses made in gratitude. 

Thanks to you--grâce à toi,

 Christine, founder, grâce à toi dress 

grace a toi classic dress in custom material

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